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         Pseudogenes (y) are genomic DNA sequences homologous to functional genes but are not translated into protein. Although once considered as genomic fossils, the transcribed pseudogenes (TPGs) in mice and flies are now known to function as gene regulators through generation of endogenous small interfering RNAs (esiRNAs), antisense RNAs, or RNA decoys. Postulating that pseudogenes may generate esiRNAs to regulate gene expression in human genome, as in animal models, we performed a genome-wide analysis to explore the siRNA-mediated mechanisms of pseudogenes.

         PseudoMap is a resource of exploring the relationships between TPG and its cognate with miRNA decoyed mechanism and TPG-derived esiRNA-target interactions. This site with four major differentiating features is distinct from these published on-line public databases. First, we identify the TPGs and provide the expression profiles for TPGs and their cognates. Second, we provide the miRNA regulators of TPGs as well as their parental genes. Third, we also detect the TPG-derived esiRNAs as supported by any amount of Illumina-Solexa reads. Finally, we construct the interactions of TPG-derived esiRNAs as well as their interacting gene targets in the human genome. The following is flowchart:

system flow

Current curation

TPGs: 1,404
miRNAs: 1921
siRNAs: 466
piRNAs: 405,837
GSM339994 reads: 13,869
GSM339995 reads: 11,883
GSM339996 reads: 1,786
hB reads: 5,026,203
hESE reads: 5,031,920
GSM531980 reads: 358,994
GSM531983 reads: 652,641
GSM531979 reads: 372,454
GSM531982 reads: 328,239
GSM531984 reads: 423,338
GSM531977 reads: 354,524
GSM531981 reads: 315,838
GSM531985 reads: 2,503,533
GSM531986 reads: 2,543,980
GSM531987 reads: 369,926
GSM531988 reads: 618,689
GSM531974 reads: 328,915
GSM531975 reads: 282,476
GSM531976 reads: 238,522
GSM531978 reads: 259,727